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Automation XL

Providing integrated telecoms, navigation, environmental monitoring, process control, electrical and safety systems

From the complete control of multiple complex offshore oil and gas production platforms and their remote satellite installations, industrial gas production, to timber packing and a roadside water pumping package for a rural community, Automation XL delivers technology and services that allow automated precision control, visualisation and data management of any process above or below the sea and on land.

Specialising in integrating SCADA, industrial automation, safety systems and electrical controls that combine process control, data acquisition with advanced storage, analytical, and visualisation tools, Automation XL helps you unlock the real value of the systems that drive your processes.

While our expertise lies in our family of products that span the entire telecommunications, process, visualisation and control, safety systems, electrical systems and pipeline flow assurances and heating value chain across oil and gas upstream production to downstream processing, pipelines and manufacturing plants, we apply the same experience, tools, and technology to solve problems across the industrial, utilities, marine, healthcare, education and law enforcement sectors.