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North Sea Decommissioning

Ensuring Safety and Reliability on Decommissioning Project

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The Challenge

Our client is decommissioning a significant number of normally unmanned installations (NUI) and expects to have a number of different vessels linked by bridge for combined operations.  The fire and detection and shutdown systems on the NUIs were aging and unreliable due to their age.


Our Solution

A quick deployment combined a safety system comprising of a local panel HMI (Human Machine Interface) complete with matrix panel connected to field instruments using portable stands with plugs and sockets on field cables.

A modern safety logic solver rated up to and including SIL3 to IEC61511 was the main component of a standalone system.   A panel PC running a SCADA application with optional screens for the company man’s / OIM’s office was connected to provide detail on the state of the fire and gas detection and any shutdown signals received or generated by the system.   The equipment was mounted in a standalone control panel with a matrix display with additional sounders and shutdown pushbuttons to allow control and monitoring of the system by the radio operator.

New gas and fire detectors along with shutdown pushbuttons and GPA/PAPA speakers were mounted on uni-strut frames and connected to the system via plugs and socket to allow the system to be re-located on different NUIs.  As all the equipment was new the existing old systems could be safety switched off with the knowledge that a new, SIL rated system was in use.


The Proof

The new system is certified to latest safety system standards with high reliability.

Remote monitoring facilities are available via intrinsically safe field bus units to drive matrix displays in hazardous areas.

A built in uninterruptable power supply was used to allow autonomous use when vessel power supplies were not available.

Extensible system can be easily scaled to suit different sizes of monitoring equipment and different requirements during the various phases of decommissioning.

Additionally, the standard ethernet protocols in use and using radio systems the system can be extended to the client’s offices onshore.

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