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GDPR compliance

Oryx XL support existing customer towards GDPR compliance

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The Challenge

Existing customer contacted Oryx XL to assist with steps  towards GDPR Compliance and personal data protection


Our Solution

Recognising the sensitive nature of the data being processed as well as the multiple roles of controller  and processor it was vital that our customer ensured that personal data being processed and held was protected and that  their data policy, procedures and privacy statement  were in place to ensure they were working towards GDPR Compliance. One of our in house GDPR practitioners worked closely with the customer reviewing all data types and processes to provide a new privacy statement  and to advise  on steps required following DPIA including assisting with new procedures and policy .  Additionally Oryx XL recommended that all devices storing personal data be encrypted.

The Proof

New privacy statement, policy and procedures regarding data processing and storage are in place as well as encryption of all devices including servers, desktops, mobile phones and removable storage.  Additionally, on hand GDPR support is  provided.

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