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London Ambulance Services

Access XL gives lift to London Ambulance Services

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The Challenge

London Ambulance Services required a robust and durable lifting solution for 140 A&E vehicles. The lifts required a 500kg load with auto tilt capabilities at the ground level with an extended loading centre towards the tip of the lift.

Our Solution

With our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Access XL designed and developed a new product with extensive improvements in mechanical, hydraulic and electrical configurations to meet the client’s specifications. Access XL delivered a new design for symmetric hydraulic loading for improved life cycle of the lift and heavy duty lifting cycles. The sensory and control system was also upgraded in order to provide a complete electrical control of the lift operations for accurate, repeatable and reliable operation. The mechanical design of the lift was also upgraded to accommodate the intended features and capabilities. Upgraded materials, geometrical dimensional changes and sensory system relocations provided the required capabilities as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

The Proof

The lift has been tested in factory test benches for performance of 120,000 cycles, equivalent to 10 years of continuous lift operations with a 500kg load. The lifts were successfully installed and have been operating effectively with no issues.

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