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Hydrocarbon Accounting Systems

While hydrocarbons may be sold from a single licensed area direct to market it is more common for products from more than one licensed area are commingled prior to sale.

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In such cases it is necessary to determine the amount contributed by each field to the commingled stream, via a process known as ‘allocation’.

Hydrocarbon allocation refers to the rules, methods and processes that are used to attribute quantities of hydrocarbon in a comingled stream, measured to fiscal standards, to different sources such as well, field, or reservoir.

Our allocation systems are based on our tried and proven PALS framework which has been designed with speed of deployment, simplicity of operation, and rigorous auditability of calculations in mind. The result is a system capable of handling the allocation needs of all organizations, ranging from a single asset through to the most complex requirements spanning multiple assets and allocation regimes. Deployed on a stand-alone basis, it is ideally suited as a low-cost entry point for fiscal and technical allocation but is capable of scaling up to provide a distributed enterprise wide solution.

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